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Linn updates Akurate range with Katalyst DAC technology

The Akurate DS and Akurate DSM network streamers, and both the 6-channel and 10-channel variants of the Akurate Exaktbox (digital crossover and DAC upgrades for Linn speakers), are now available with Katalyst DAC technology.

True to Linn’s dedication to legacy upgrades, existing Akurate component owners can also upgrade their products with Katalyst.

Already available in Linn’s Klimax range and Akubarik and Akudorik speakers, Katalyst (which certainly proved its worth in the Linn Klimax DS 3 streamer) claims lower distortion thanks to its independent, isolated power supplies and a new analogue output driver, as well as greater accuracy in the DAC process due to a new data optimisation stage, and high precision clock with its own independent power supply.

The Akurate DS or Akurate DSM with Katalyst costs £6300 or £7500 respectively, while the damage for upgrading an existing model is £1800.

The Akurate Exactbox 6-channel costs £4950 (or £1200 for the upgrade), while the 10-channel variant costs £6550 (or £1600 for the upgrade).


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