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IFA 2015: Technics unveils its first headphones since the brand's 2014 relaunch

A closed over-ear design, the Technics EAH-T700 features a two-way driver array: the 5cm Dynamic Driver produces mid and bass notes, while the 14mm super tweeter focuses on the treble.

An angled driver system is designed to ensure each sound within the mix is clearly heard, and unwanted vibrations are reduced to the minmum by Technics' use of a floating dynamic driver, anti-vibration frame and aluminium housing.

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Technics claims the 100kHz "wideband reproduction" delivers "deep and robust bass right through to subtle and intricate trebles".

Connection is via a 1.2m cable with 3.5mm and 6.3mm jacks. A stylsh metal finish, headband slider and horizontal swivel ear pads complete the package.

The new Technics headphones are expected to cost "around £1000".

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