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Should you buy a Cello TV this Black Friday? Are they any good?

Should you buy a Cello TV this Black Friday? Are they any good?
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Black Friday throws up deals on all kinds of products, but TVs are always up there with some of the biggest discounts going. Among the deals on the Sonys and LGs of this world you might notice a few budget brands springing up. Just who are they? And are they worth a look?

This series aims to answer those questions. As ever, it's about helping you make an informed choice when you buy.

Here we'll focus on Cello, a little-known brand that specialises at the smaller end of the market. Its TVs are cheap as chips, but are they just as tasty? Let's find out.

Should you buy a Cello TV this Black Friday?

Short answer: If you're looking for a small TV – or even a portable – that does the job without costing an arm and a leg, a Cello TV could well fit the bill.

The brand specialises in smaller models, some as diddy as 16 inches. And its 12-inch portable models are rechargeable, so you can watch away from a plug socket. Ideal if you're camping and don't want to crowd around a tiny phone screen.

But then the brand also makes bigger TVs better suited to the lounge. Its models go up to 65 inches in size, and while it can't compete with the likes of Sony and LG for picture processing tech, it does offer most of the features you would expect from a TV of this size. These include the Android TV platform (offering all the usual apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and Disney+), Google Assistant, and Chromecast for beaming content wirelessly from your mobile device to the big screen.

Freeview Play comes as standard, and at this size, the picture resolution is 4K, as you would expect.

All Cello's TVs are built in the UK, so buying one will support British business.

Now let's check out the best prices currently on offer.

Best Cello TV deals on Black Friday

One of the best deals is on Cello's 50-incher: under £400 is a great price to pay for a TV of this size. While its LED screen tech isn't as good as OLED, the price should more than make up for it.

Cello ZK4 50in TV £399 at Amazon

Cello ZK4 50in TV £399 at Amazon
It's not on offer, but this 50in 4K TV doesn't cost much to begin with. Android TV comes as standard, with all the usual apps, and it's a lot cheaper than the 65-inch model (£250 cheaper, in fact).

Taking a step down to 40 inches can save you a bundle, so it might be worth taking the hit. 


Cello ZBV 40in TV £299 £230 at Amazon (save £69)
This 40-inch TV is Full HD rather than 4K, so you will notice a drop in picture quality. But it has Freeview, three HDMI sockets and a USB port for playing digital media.

The 50-incher mentioned above is also available in a 43-inch model, though it's only Full HD rather than 4K, so the picture won't be as sharp. But it runs the same software, so the user experience should be much the same.

Cello ZG0 43in TV £329 at Amazon

Cello ZG0 43in TV £329 at Amazon
Again, this one's not a deal, but you don't need one with this price! Android TV comes as standard, as on the 50-inch model, though it's only Full HD, not 4K. It also has 3 HDMIs and 2 USBs.

Best Cello small TV deals on Black Friday

Cello also offers a range of small TVs to act as second sets, portable models for taking away with you, and even those designed for caravans.


Cello C1220 12in Rechargeable TV £89 £86 at Amazon (save £3)
At 12 inches when measured diagonally, this TV is the size of a large tablet. It can also be powered from a 12V socket using the supplied adaptor, for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and HGVs.

A similar model is available in a 22-inch size complete with a stand. That will set you back £215.

Cello also makes a 16-inch TV with a built-in DVD player – handy if you're far from a wi-fi hotspot and don't fancy rinsing your mobile data allowance by streaming a film on Netflix.

Cello ZSF0261 16in TV £179 at Amazon

Cello ZSF0261 16in TV £179 at Amazon
You might not expect much from a 16in TV, but Full HD resolution, a built-in DVD player and HDMI socket for hooking up a games console will do us, especially at this price.

Lastly is Cello's 19-inch TV. Like the others, this has satellite and Freeview tuners built in, giving you plenty of options of what to watch without relying on an internet connection.

Cello ZSO291 19in TV £119 at Amazon

Cello ZSO291 19in TV £119 at Amazon
Don't expect stellar picture quality, but this isn't a bad price at all for a sub-20-inch set. Hook up a satellite dish, streaming device or games console, and you're away.


We have to stress that we haven't tested any of these Cello TVs, so can't vouch for their quality. But they are very competitively priced and have very good user reviews on Amazon.

Of course, Cello isn't the only game in town when it comes to cheap TV deals. Check out our guide to the best Black Friday TV deals around to see what else is available. Happy viewing!


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