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Skullcandy Agent

Tested at £45

The Skullcandy's closed-back design produces a sound that is very dull and unexciting

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  • Cover ears well
  • keep noise at bay


  • Sound lacks spaciousness and openness

The good news is that the rectangular ear pads on the Skullcandys cover your ears neatly and do a good job of keeping background noise at bay.

The trade-off is that your ears warm up quicker than normal.

Also, these Skullcandy on-ears are a shining example of how closed-back headphones can struggle. There's a real lack of spaciousness and openness to the sound.

Spin Estelle's American Boy and the tune sounds closed-in and claustrophobic. Detail and dynamics are stifled, leaving you with a very dull, unexciting sound.

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