Slimline Marantz NR1504 and NR1604 network AV receivers hit the shops

21 May 2013

Marantz NR1604

Now on sale are the latest-generation slimline Marantz network AV receivers, the £399 NR1504 and £549 NR1604.

Both models have full network music capability, including DLNA streaming, internet radio and online music services such as Spotify and, and both also have Apple AirPlay built-in for wireless streaming from iOS devices and computers running iTunes.

Marantz NR1504

The streaming provision extends to Apple Lossless and FLAC up to 24-bit/192kHz, and the two models will also give gapless playback of music sources.

The new receivers also have a USB input on the front panel alongside an HDMI input for quick hook-up of video sources, can be set-up using a Graphical User Interface Setup Assistant, leading the user through connections and settings, and have Audyssey MultEQ room measurement and calibration.

They can also be driven using the remote control provided, or the Marantz Remote App on either iOS or Android devices.

Marantz NR1604 rear

The NR1504 has six HDMI inputs including the front-panel socket and one output, and claims 5x85W, while the NR1604 (rear panel shown above) claims 7x90W, and has seven HDMI inputs and one output, plus Zone 2 multiroom working.

It also has 4K pass-through and scaling and up conversion for both analogue and HDMI inputs to 4K or 1080p.

Both models are available in either black or silver-gold finish.

Written by Andrew Everard

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I'm wondering what advantage I would have from this "slim" model over a regular "full" size Marantz or other top level receiver, besides physical size? 

And as ayjaycee said, the slimline models look more attractive. 

Aren't Network receivers the norm (almost) now? 

It looks genuine and fits in with what we've heard.

@Ketan: A PM6005?  Found something yesterday and posted it on the forum: .  Don't know if the document is real though...

We know a PM6004 replacement is in the pipeline. Not sure it'll be based on this receiver, though.

I have had their NR1501 for some time now and am pleased with it.   I might be tempted by the NR1604 because of it's networking capabilities and, hopefully, improved performance in general BUT do get concerned about the lack of reviews that you see for these Marantz  'slimline'  AVRs here in the UK.  I understand that is all due to the fact that Marantz do not make them available to the likes of What HiFi to test which always makes me slightly suspicious that they [Marantz] think they have something to hide - ie. are afraid of adverse comment in the HiFi press.

Personally, I find the hulking great AVRs that seem to fill most of the market to be very unattractive, not to mention impractical if you want a reasonably 'compact' system.  For me these small Marantz AVRs are the perfect size.

Both models deliver 50 watts @ 8ohms, 2 ch driven.

This 85 and 90 w reffers to @ 6 ohms, 1 ch driven.

In surround mode this 50w (@8ohms) is ofcourse lower per channel than 50w.

Just to put it in perspective because this '90w x 7' can be very missleading.

Nevertheless, I had NR1602 which is spec wise very similar to this models and can recommend them regarding SQ, features, design, connections etc.

Does that mean there will be a stereo/audio only version along soon to replace the PM6004? 

That would be welcome news as I am in the market for a new stereo amplifier!