Musical Fidelity adds 'state of the art' £199 V90-DAC

6 Jun 2013

Musical Fidelity V90-DAC

Musical Fidelity says its new V90-DAC, set to sell for £199, has 'no unnecessary flab, no excess packaging, no excess anything, anywhere': instead, the company says, it's all about 'pure, unadulterated, state-of-the-art performance'.

Explaining that 'Most high-end products, and DACs in particular, have, at the most, five per cent of their cost in the electronic components that define the performance', it adds that, 'In our view, manufacturers have a duty to give their customers value for money – and putting just five per cent of the product cost is not acceptable.'

Musical Fidelity V90-DAC

The V90-DAC has an asynchronous USB input able to handle content at up to 24-bit/96kHz, one electrical and two optical digital inputs able to handle up to 24-bit/192kHz, and will upsample all lesser signals to 24/192kHz to push any digital noise way out of the audible band.

Claiming 'state of the art' technical performance – 'jitter is about 12pps, s/n ratio is -116dB (‘A’ weighted), linearity is +0.2dB at -116dB, stereo separation is -104dB at 1kHz, frequency response is ruler flat and distortion is 0.00025% at 1kHz and 0.0003% at 20kHz' – the V90-DAC is housed in custom extruded casework, and finished in 'crystal bead shot blast, fine texture moonstone'.

Written by Andrew Everard

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I do believe we have one in our stock room, so I'll check progress on the review front with the test team on Monday.

This has been out for over 3 months now, about the same time as the Arcam irDAC. Any review on the horizon?

Looks like a good product for not much money. It's also nice that there's an on/off switch this time.................

Arcam Irdac

Audiolab Q-dac

now this one..............lots of options these days Wink

 We're all going to look back at these days of sand blasted aluminium with it's earthrock appearance and wonder how we ever did without 'crystal bead shot blast, fine texture moonstone' but seriously those are some good stats, would like to know it thats for all the inputs?