Flexson debuts brackets for Sonos Play:1 speakers

31 Oct 2013

Flexson has announced a new range of bespoke Sonos wall mounts and stands, with the Sonos Play:1 now being taken care of.

We recently awarded the Sonos Play:1 speaker five stars, commending it for its build and sound quality, and value for money.

And if you like the look of it, they can double nicely as surround sound speakers in an existing Sonos Playbar system. Flexson has created a series of wall mounts and floorstands to help you do just that.

The new accessories are made from "superior-quality steel", and allow for organised cable management and flexible placement. The floorstands have a large, flat base so can be placed underneath a sofa, to bring the speaker closer to the listener. 

Tony Jones, business manager of Computers Unlimited, says: "Whether you're after a space-saving support for a single Play:1, stands for a stereo pair or the perfect position for two Play:1 speakers in a Playbar 5.1 set-up, there's an optimised Flexson solution."

Both the wall mount and floorstand come in either satin white or black to match the finish of the respective speaker. The wall mounts, which offer a 45-degree swivel, start at £29.99 for a single or £54.99 for a pair.

Floorstands start at £59.99 for a single or £99.99 a pair, and stand 82cm high.

Flexson also produces mounts and stands for the Play:3 and Play:5 speakers, the Sonos Sub, Connect Amp and Bridge.


by Max Langridge

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Not saying she's made a secret of it. It's just that whenever there's a story linking a company to Sonos I now automatically go on CU website to confirm it is indeed done through them. The reality is there will be plenty of other companies that do stands / mounts for them and (particularly) lots of companies who offer connectivity alternatives to CYP. But I don't really blame WHF for not doing their own research on it, so it's more a failure by all the other PR companies, as I'm sure you'd run the story on an appropriate product even if the source were not a former employee. 

Yes, Clare is the PR and marketing manager for Computers Unlimited. She has never made any secret of the fact. Like numerous other PRs in the business she sends us press releases from time to time on products she thinks might be of interest to our readers. This is common practice.

Given the popularity of the Sonos Play:1 (my local John Lewis has already sold out of its initial stock), it's not inconceivable some of our readers might be interested in these stand/mounting options. Which is why we ran the story.

Another news story on two companies promoted by computers unlimited, Clare Newsome strikes again.