In the market for a new TV and looking to make sure you get the best price? This is the page for you. We'll be rounding up the best deals on a range of TVs each week, covering both full HD and 4K Ultra HD sets. This week there are lower prices on some of our favourite 4K TVs, as well as a good deal on the Philips 65in PSU8601 Ambilight screen.

A TV is central to any home cinema system (unless you're splashing the cash on a projector), and with TV replacement cycles upto almost 10 years, it's important to make the right choice. We've rounded-up the best deals on some of our favourite HD and 4K TVs - now that there's finally 4K content available.

But it's not just about expensive 50in+ TVs packing the latest tech. Budget TVs and small TVs are ideal for a bedroom or second room, so we've found some deals on those too.

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Best HD TV deals

Panasonic TX-40CS520B 

Tested at £380 / Best price £329

This Award-winning TV from Panasonic is full to the brim with features and backs them up with a fantastic picture. It's only had a small price cut, but a saving's a saving.

Panasonic TX-40CS520 review / compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-50CS520

Tested at £500 / Best price £350

Much like its 40in sibling, this 50in Panny TV serves a scintillating HD picture. You'll struggle to find anything better at this price.

Panasonic TX-50CS520 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE32J6300

Tested at £380 / Best price £330

If you're after a small-screen TV for the kitchen or bedroom, we can't recommend this Samsung 32in enough.

Samsung UE32J6300 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE48J6300

Tested at £700 / Best price £430

A superb performance from an affordable 2015 HD TV - Samsung has done it again.

Samsung UE48J6300 review / compare latest prices


Sony KDL-55W805C

Tested at £1100 / Best price £689

A vivid picture and decent smart features make this Sony 2015 HD TV worth considering - and now it's nearly 400 quid cheaper.

Sony KDL-55W805C review / compare latest prices


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Best 4K TV deals

John Lewis 55JL9100

Tested at £1,200 / Best price £700

There's only one price, but it's a good 'un. Already a competent, four-star 4K TV when we first reviewed it, this 55-inch John Lewis TV now boasts a saving of around 35 per cent.

John Lewis 55JL9100 review / compare latest prices


LG 55UF950V

Tested at £2600 / Best price £1099

The 55in LG is one of the Korean giant’s premium 4K TVs and a decent option for those looking to take the plunge in 4K.

LG 55UF950V review / compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-40CX680B

Tested at £700 / Best price £470

This 40in television is a great advert for small 4K screens - colours are bright and punchy, and it boasts a speedy user interface. And it's only getting cheaper...

Panasonic TX-40CX680B review compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-50CX802B 

Tested at £1800 / Best price £799

We could hardly fault this 50in Panasonic when it passed through our testing rooms. Super screen and super sound.

Panasonic TX-50CX802B review / compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-55CR852B

Tested at £2300 / Best price £990

If you can find a stand to accomodate this large Panasonic set, you'll be well rewarded.

Panasonic TX-55CR852B review / compare latest prices


Philips 65PUS8601

Tested at £2500 / Best price £2200

This Philips TV gives you a thoroughly impressive 4K picture, with the added benefit of Ambilight technology.

Philips 65PUS8601 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE48JU7000

Tested at £1250 / Best price £1043

Impressive contrast and definition make this Samsung 4K TV an absolute must-see. 

Samsung UE48JU7000 review / compare latest prices


Sony KD-75X9405C

Tested at £6000 / Best price £4999

Yes it's one of the biggest TV we've ever reviewed, but it's also one of the best. It ticks all of the boxes and then some, delivering an incredibly detailed picture and impressive sound to boot.

Sony KD-75X9405C review / compare latest prices


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Award-winning TVs

Samsung UE48J6300

Tested at £700 / Best price £430

Our Product of the Year at the 2015 Awards and deservedly so. This Samsung screen delivers a superb Full HD performance at an affordable price.

Samsung UE48J6300 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE55JS8500

Tested at £2600 / Best price £1145

The UE55JS8500 is a joy to use - it delivers a fantastic picture and sounds rather good too.

Samsung UE55JS8500 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE65JS8500

Tested at £3000 / Best price £1899

With nearly a grand off the original price, this Samsung has become even more desirable. 

Samsung UE65JS8500 review / compare latest prices


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TheOne's picture

Best time?

Is this the best time to buy a TV?  Wouldn't end of Feb/ beginning of March be better with the new TV's coming out?  Can imagine most if not all the prices above would drop considerably?  Just a thought! Mail 1

Alantiggger's picture

Wait ?

If I were you then yes.

Lots of TV's will as per usual drop in price...... inc 4k ones too  Smile

What with the march of New Tech, bargains will be had from here on in, imo.

I imagine that OLED will be the TV of the near future.

zoz1234's picture

Entering the 4K market

I'm going to buy a 4K tv for the first time this year, but won't be doing so until the premium sets are available.
My current Sony 1080p set is on it's last legs being one of the first models released by the brand.