In the market for a new TV and looking to make sure you get the best price? This is the page for you. We scour the internet to tell you about the best TV deals on offer in the UK – from a 50in plasma TV to a 40in LED TV or even a cheap-as-chips LCD set for your bedroom, we've got it covered.

We'll be digging out the best prices on our Award-winning TVs, but we'll also be taking a look at the knockdown deals on other screens that might make you consider a three- or four-star television. And if we see a TV that hasn't been put to the test by our team but is too good a deal to ignore, we'll be sure to share that with you too...

With 4K TV becoming a genuine consideration for many as we look to the year ahead, we've scoured the web to find the best prices on some of the best Ultra HD TVs you can buy right now. All brands and TV screen sizes have been considered, so there should be something for everyone. 

You can read our full reviews and click through to see the latest live prices on all the TV deals we've posted. Without further ado...

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Award-winning TVs

Sony KDL-32W706B

Tested at £350 / Best price £300

A bit of a bargain 32in TV from Sony, which marries an excellent picture with a fine selection of features. And as flatscreen audio goes, the Sony fares pretty well. You can now pick one up for just £300 from Amazon.

Sony KDL-32W706B review / compare latest prices


Sony KDL-40W605B

Tested at £450 / Best price £364

Sony has had a storming year when it comes to TVs and this 40in W6 Series is another case in point. Super-Smart and very easy on the eye in terms of both design and pictures.

Sony KDL-40W605B review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE48H6400

Tested at £700 / Best price £449

"Punchy, subtle and exciting, this Samsung smart TV is fantastic at the price making it one of the outstanding deals of the year." That was our verdict when we made this Samsung 48in set our TV Product of the Year for 2014.

And if it was a deal when we reviewed it at £700, then the fact you can now buy it for £449 from Pixmania, with an extra 5 percent off with a discount code. Be quick though, this deal won't last forever.

Samsung UE48H6400 review / compare latest prices 


Samsung UE55HU7500

Tested at £2300 / Best price £1599

Want the best 4K TV on the market? This is it. Great with UHD content (if you can find some), this television crucially makes sure its picture looks class-leadingly good with HD and SD, too. "Nothing at this price" was the sum total of our Against column when we reviewed it, and now it's even cheaper...

A number of retailers have this for £1599 now, including John Lewis, Richer Sounds and Currys. Currys is offering a five year guarantee, 12 months free movies with MUBI and a three month Deezer subscription. The offer ends 30th April.

Samsung UE55HU7500 review / compare latest prices


Samsung UE65HU7500

Tested at £3600 / Best price £2699

It's more of the same from the 65in version of the HU7500 range, with great picture performance with every resolution you throw at it (within reason, this is a big screen with a lot of pixels). 

Richer Sounds is the go-to dealer for the cheapest price. They're also throwing in a 12 month MUBI and three month Deezer subscriptions.

Samsung UE65HU7500 review / compare latest prices 


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Best 4K TV Deals

Sony KD-65S9005B

Tested at £3900 / Best Price £2975

This curved 4K Ultra HD TV from Sony won us over when it entered our testing rooms, earning itself a coveted five stars. It's curve may not be as drastic as some rivals, but nevertheless it manages to produce an immersive and detailed picture. 

Hurry, there's only 2 left on Amazon for £2975 at the time of writing. After they've gone, the next best price is £3199 from John Lewis or Richer Sounds.

Sony KD-65S9005B review / compare latest prices


Sony KD-55X8505B

Tested at £2100 / Best Price £1299

Another fine example of a 4K TV from Sony. 4K content looks stunning and upscaled full HD content fares well too. While competition such as the 55HU7500 from Samsung may take the title of best 4K TV at this size, this Sony is not to be ignored. Given its substantial price drop, it deserves your attention.

Sony KD-55X8505B review / compare latest prices


Sony KD-65X9005B

Tested at £3600 / Best Price £2699

If it's flagship Sony 4K you're after though, then this 65X9005 should fit the bill. Not only does 4K and upscaled full HD content look remarkable, it sounds great too, thanks to the speakers installed on either side of the screen. 

Sony KD-65X9005B review / compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-65AX902B

Tested at £5000 / Best Price £2999

Moving away from Sony and on to Panasonic. This set may be more expensive than its rivals, but this 65in set produces a staggeringly good picture. In some instances, it reminds us of Panasonic's plasma days, delivering great contrast and solid blacks. 

Now that its price has come down to a more competitive and affordable level, it deserves your attention.

Panasonic TX-65AX902B review / Compare Latest Prices


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Most popular TVs

Samsung UE40F6500

Tested at £900 / Best price £600

It may not be the best TV on the market in 2015, but it may well be one of the biggest bargains. A good tuner, well-judged colours, excellent smart features and that knockdown price to make this 40in TV a bit of a steal.

Samsung UE40F6500 review / Compare latest prices


Sony KDL-50W829B

Tested at £900 / Best price £579

An impressive 50in Sony TV for under £600? We're certainly paying attention. 

The level of detail and balanced colours of this Sony impressed us from the off. It represents a welcome return to form for Sony TVs, improving on 2013's models, and despite some fresh competition taking the edge off our review, it's still a fine choice, not least if you can find a good deal.

Sony KDL-50W829B review / Compare latest prices


Panasonic TX-L32E6B

Tested at £400 / Best price £250

Our favourite 32in TV of 2013, this compact TV is even more affordable now. Simple to use, it isn’t perfect in all areas – sound quality isn't great – but what it does deliver is one of the best 32in TV pictures we’ve seen in ages. There's a good selection of smart and streaming features, too.

Richer Sounds now has it in the clearance section of the site. There's only two in Birmingham and one in Glasgow. Don't miss out!

Panasonic TX-L32E6B review / Compare latest prices 


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