AirVinyl app makes iPhone music sound like vinyl

2 Mar 2012

AirStudios' AirVinyl appThe AirVinyl app from the legendary Air Studios will add "all the warmth of analogue harmonics" to the digital music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Previously available on iPad, the app is now on iPhone and iPod Touch, and allows you to browse your music as if it were a record collection – and get that vinyl sound, too.

AirVinyl has been developed by engineers at Air Studios, the recording studio in London founded by producer and engineer Sir George Martin, who worked extensively with The Beatles.

The app's audio output has been enhanced "to recreate the audio ambience originally intended by the artist".

AirStudios' AirVinyl app

The interface takes the form of a turntable, and you can browse and select your tracks from record crates. 

You can also choose the cassette deck graphic in order to make 'mixtapes' of your favourite tracks.

AirStudios' AirVinyl app

It's of course AirPlay compatible, too, allowing you to send the "enhanced" music wirelessly to an AirPlay iPod speaker dock or other AirPlay receiver.

The AirVinyl iOS app is yours to buy on the iTunes Store for £1.99.

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The difference is subtle yet apparent with the "Warm Vinyl" filter on:

- Bass is fuller.

- High end is a bit smoother/quieter.

- Less listening fatigue over long listening sessions.

- It reminds me of that "Warm Vinyl" ambiance (without the crackle and pops of scratched vinyl).

- No blatant sound processing artefacts (no distortion, no crystallization, which are common problems with other iPhone music filters.)

- Overall track volume is a bit quieter. 

- MP3 compatible.  Not AAC compatible.

In A/B listening tests people often vote "louder is better".  The overall track volume is quieter with the filter on so I feel it's fair to bump the volume up a notch when listening with the filter on.  This levels the playing field to get a less biased feel for the sound quality. 


I love this filter!  First because it makes music less fatiguing to listen to and second because I love that warm sound of Vinyl!  Thumbs up!  


The lack of "next track" and "random" buttons are honest to the vinyl interface design but I'm still choked that they're missing.  It's almost a deal-breaker.



No Crackle.  No pops.  No hiss.  The only noise is a short "needle-drop" sound (when using the vinyl interface).  

The "warmth of vinyl" music filter ... I can't figure out how to quickly toggle it on and off so I can't speak to how much it changes the sound.  I can say that it produces no in-your-face changes to the sound or or any noticable processing artifacts (which is an annoyance i had with some other music filtering apps).   

You can seamlessly switch between the AirVinyl and iTunes interfaces without interruption as if they are in sync... usually.  Starting AirVinyl for the first time stops the music and there are a few scenarios where starting a track in one app and then changing tracks in the other app breaks the sync.  



Excellent much better than the ipod software on the iphone, easier to use, and cool retro vibe.  sounds good too, highly recommend

It's 69p for the iPhone version & £1.99 for iPad version.

My favourite app ever. used with headphones . great fun

Do you have to lift the arm off at the end of the side manually or does it have auto-lift and return?

Hope they have tone arm and stylus upgrades in the pipeline Smile

You have to replace the pointer every 2 years.

69p when i got it


Does it add wow and tape hiss, crackle and pops, or just emulate mistracking?Wink