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Sony bdp-s370

I was about to buy the above bluray player until i realised that i would need sony's wi-fi dongle. This is £79.00 which seems ridiculas. it take it into the realms of the neaxt model up which has wi-fi built in.

Can a generic wi-fi dongle such as can be had from pc world for under £20 be used?

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Re: Sony bdp-s370

can anyone help with this.

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Re: Sony bdp-s370

You could connect the Sony to your network with an ethernet cable.  This means that you will still be able to use the iPhone/Touch app to control it and watch iPlayer. As for your "dongle" £79, you might as well get an Airport Express (qv) to reduce the amount of wire, or half that for a network access point.

NB I found myself in a Sony Centre in a strange town (neither experience can be recommended without qualification) this afternoon.  The iPlayer is only in the pipeline at present, but will happen, as will the Channel 5 on-demand service (presumably called "CSI" Player)

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Re: Sony bdp-s370

bbc iplayer is already working - there will be an update over the summer to add itv, 4od and channel 5 i believe

i also thin kyou need to buy the sony dongle as the universal ones don't work or at least the two i tried!

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Re: Sony bdp-s370

I bought this player last week, connected via homeplugs to my network.  

Just to 2nd matengawhat, iPlayer and 5 on demand already work and yes you do need the specific sony wifi adpater.  The firmware update due July will also add DLNA client capability.

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Re: Sony bdp-s370

I bought an 'openmedia wifi bridge' for £30 from ebay - it is a wifi/ethernet bridge that is powered by USB, making it perfect for my S370. It just plugs into the ethernet and usb ports on the back, and doesn't need an external power supply.

some more info here www.wifibridge.co.uk


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Re: Sony bdp-s370



how did you get the openmedia bridge to work on the S370, i recently bought one and so far am having no joy


i know that the bridge is set up correctly as i can use it on my PC to access the internet and have also successfully used it on my Xbox 360 (wish id known about that before Microsoft charged my £60 for their wifi adapter). whenever i try it on the Sony though i jsut get the message Unable to access Internet. 

 any ideas or should i just put the bridge back on Ebay and get the Sony one?

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