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DAB Streaming

I'm just about to fork out on Sonos system to allow multiroom music, however DAB (esp 6 Music) plays an important part of our daily listening and wondered if there is anything that would stream DAB and be playable through the Sonos network?

I appreciate that the Sonos system could stream internet radio but my experience of internet radio (via PC) is that the quality is pretty abysmal.  Any views appreciated,


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Re: DAB Streaming

Page here telling you how. Bitrates better than DAB, generalising.

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Getting better, thanks for asking

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Re: DAB Streaming

John, Thanks for the quick reply - guess you can't argue with bitrates at the end of the day!  


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Re: DAB Streaming

I have the Sonos system and have stopped using DAB. Sonos offers more radio stations (including all my local ones) and reception is always perfect.

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