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Airport Express - what do I need?

I have a Mac upstairs and Hi-Fi in the lounge and would like to listen to iTunes and Spotify running on the Mac on the Hi-Fi.  

The Mac is connected (via Ethernet) to a wireless Sky router so there is a wireless netwrok in place.

If I put an Airport Express in the lounge and connect it to the Hi-Fi, can I stream music to it?  It seems that I can direct the iTunes content to the Airport Express within iTunes but can I also play something in Spotify and stream that to the Airport Express?

It seems on the Apple site thta I only need this one box - is this correct?



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RE: Airport Express - what do I need?

If you don't already have an iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad), then getting one of them will help enormously in remotely controlling iTunes (via AirPlay) from the Mac upstairs. (As well as being excellent sources in their own right.)

I think you will need AirFoil to stream Spotify from the Mac via the AirPort Express.

Others will need to advise on Spotify apps for iPhones/iPod Touch/iPad but I am sure it's doable.




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RE: Airport Express - what do I need?

Yes, you can stream iTunes from the Mac to an Airport Express connected to the hi-fi, and Airfoil will allow you to stream Spotify too. The Spotify app works a treat - I have it on iPhone and iPad.

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RE: Airport Express - what do I need?

Thanks chebby.  Airfoil makes sense.  I do have an iPod touch.


And the next question would be - can the same be done (plus more) with Apple TV?  At only £20 more than the Airport Express I may as well get that if it does the same and more.


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RE: Airport Express - what do I need?

Yes the apple tv will do that, I have mine connected via optical to dac to amp and use iPad to stream spotify to apple tv. sound is good, occasional sound drop outs, just switch on apple tv before starting spotify works for me

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