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Marantz MCR610 buffering problems

Hi guys

i don't know if anyone has any ideas, but I'm willing to listen to any ideas. Have the above connected to a QNAP nas. I have my audio files stored on the nas, but cannot listen to my music files for long without it buffering! Have tried it connected by wifi and using a powerline adapter. Neither method works perfectly. Anyone out there had the same problem, or managed to come up with a solution?




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RE: Marantz MCR610 buffering problems

What router are you using and what file-formats are you streaming? Anything recent should be more than fast enough to stream even lossless audio files like FLAC and ALAC, but older routers like my original Belkin struggled to stream anything but MP3s fast enough, especially over WiFi.

EDIT: here's another thing to try, if you have a laptop that you can connect via wireless near your Marantz, or via the same homeplug in place of your Marantz. Copy a music-file from your NAS to the computer's desktop and see how long it takes. If it takes anything greater than half the duration of the song, then broadly speaking the transfer speed is probably not fast enough to play the song real-time without occasional hiccups.

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