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Alternative to Airport Express?

Hi, if Airport Express does what I think it does, (i.e. I have the PC 4 metres from the hi-fi and would like to be able stream music to it) the AEX seems oddly good value for money, however, a quick Google suggests it's not the best of bedfellows with Windows, are there any similarly priced alternatives? And would they go above 16bit? I'm connected via powerlines around the house if that's germane.

Thanks, Steve

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RE: Alternative to Airport Express?

You shouldn't have an issues with an AEX on a Windows based system.  Much like Vegemite, AEX are either liked or loathed by people.  I am a fan, although would suggest for £20 more, to get an Apple TV (unless you need either a) the onboard DAC or b) LAN ability of the AEX).


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RE: Alternative to Airport Express?

Roku for £50 will do the job better than AEX. Squeezebox if you want the best in that sort of price range. You can also bluetooth the signal with a u-play from QED.


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RE: Alternative to Airport Express?

Airport Expres needs a copy of iTunes running somewhere on the network. It's DAC is weak. Apple TV resamples everything to 48Khz which is fugly for CD rips.

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RE: Alternative to AEX

Thanks, never occurred the ROKU would have that secondary use, their website is a bit light on tech detail, I assume it might struggle with >16bit audio?

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RE: Alternative to Airport Express?

looks like the Boxee will do hi-res FLAC too, http://www.squidoo.com/flac anyone any experience of this? Currently £99 at Amazon, a lot cheaper than a Squeezebox

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RE: Alternative to Airport Express?


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