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Q Acoustics Concept 20

Hi would these speakers be ok for a laptop computer "Q Acoustics Concept 20" the computer is in my bedroom.

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RE: Q Acoustics Concept 20

These speakers are passive - there is no built-in amplifier.  So you would need to add an amplifier with a USB input - the recently launched NAD D3020 has had some excellent reviews.

But if this stretches your budget more than you had intended, here are some active alternatives with their current RRP's.  These can just connect straight to your laptop without the need for extra boxes.

£250 Monitor Audio Airstream WS100

£300 Ruark Audio MR1

£300 Focal XS Book

£600 KEF X300A


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RE: Q Acoustics Concept 20

We agree, for the money, the Ruark R1's are a superb product!

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