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Humax Freesat recording problem

Hi, Had this problem for a while now, if I pause live tv when I resume playback there are subtitles on screen which I can't get rid of. Does anyone know what the problem is ? Is it a glitch or have  I got some of my settings wrong?I have the Humax freesat recorder. 

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RE: Humax Freesat recording problem

There was a bug that caused the issue ( though thought it had been resolved tbh)

A couple of tricks to get rid of them were,

press exit twice when they display, or when on the problem channel, go into the menu and enable and then disable subtitles

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RE: Humax Freesat recording problem

Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I will give that a go this afternoon.

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RE: Humax Freesat recording problem

I just press the big OK button in the centre of the remote twice and they disappear. It's kind of annoying though, isn't it?

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