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Question about Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Adapter

Just saw a Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Adapter, I just confused , how doed it work?

this device seems have cables as well as bluetooth, Then How can it connect the speaker and the bluetooth earphones.

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RE: Question about Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Adapter

Looks like you can use it as either a transmitter or a receiver, so in transmitter mode the cables would let you connect a non-Bluetooth source component, such as a CD player or personal music player or whatever, and then send the signal to a Bluetooth-equipped system or receiver.

Or you could use the transmitter to send the signal from that source or even the tape or headphone output on a system to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or a remote Bluetooth speaker system.

In receiver mode, it would let you send sound from a Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone or computer to a standard amplifier or system, by plugging the receiver's output into a spare input on the amp or system.

Or I guess you could even use one unit in tranmsitter mode and another in receiver to send sound between two systems in two different rooms.

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