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Headphone extension cable advice


I'm buying the AKG K550 headphones soon, but the standard cable isn't long enough.

I need an extension cable, but have no idea which ones are decent. Have seen the Grado 4.5m one, but only need around 2-3m, so seeing what else people can recommend, preferably around the £15-£30 price?

Don't want to ruin the quality of the headphones, but haven't got another £50 etc to spend on the cable.


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RE: Headphone extension cable advice

How about this fella - ThatCable are generally pretty well regarded I think.


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RE: Headphone extension cable advice

Or this - http://www.kenable.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=48_57&products_id=5742 - for under £6 delivered. I have bought from them a few times and I rate them as 100%

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RE: Headphone extension cable advice

The ThatCable is the one I use. It is very well made.

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RE: Headphone extension cable advice

Cheers for the info, will have a look in to them.

Anyone use any 6.3mm to 6.3mm cables, or just the 3.5mm with adaptors on the end?

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RE: Headphone extension cable advice

Had a look at them, but preferably after one for larger jacks.

Will have to look around for reviews on them, but the Grado one just seems to be the only one done by a known brand. Don't want to spend nearly £200 on headphones for the extension cable to ruin them.

Cheers for all the info.

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