Ultimate Guide to Hi-Fi - out now!

Tue, 19 Jun 2007, 4:19pm

Ughifi07-2If you want firm evidence that hi-fi's not just alive but actually flourishing, take a peep inside our latest Ultimate Guide to Hi-Fi, on sale from June 21. We’ve packed it with an incredible 350 recommended products – that’s 100 more than last year! – as proof there’s a bumper crop of hi-fi kit to choose from.

Whatever your budget, we can tempt you with some fabulous new CD players, amazing amps, stupendous speakers and top-notch turntables, as well as the latest iPod docks. You’ll find all our five-star winners (and many good four-star ones too) nestling within the pages and, if it’s technical info you’re after, there’s our comprehensive Buying Guide.

Among the special features are

  • SYSTEM SOLUTIONS - Mixing and matching separate components still delivers the best sound-per-pound, so check out the best kit for your cash
  • THE VINYL REVIVAL - Still got a stash of records in the loft? Now’s the time to dust them down and invest in a tip-top turntable.
  • ESSENTIAL UPGRADES - Whether you need a stylish hi-fi rack, a pair of comfy cans or killer cables, we reveal our favourites.
  • GIVE YOUR iPOD A BOOST - You’ve got an entire library of tunes on your iPod, so hook it up to your hi-fi with a performance-boosting dock.

The What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide to Hi-Fi is on sale from June 21 at £4.99.


When what hifi used to be what hifi i could enjoy a good read and valid opions on kit i was intrested in, also there was articles about hifi in general, little storys and quirky storys, i know the home cinema market is now bigger than hifi hence tv's and dvd's  being on the front of your issue every month, i still read your mag although a title change is order, what hifi? exactly! i will look forward to the ultimate guide as its the only time ill get read what hifi, sorry for down beat message but i only read the hifi bits and that takes about five minutes.

I suggest you publish the electronic version of What-Hifi mag interested ones like me to subscribe to.


I am am very interested in "The ultimate guide to HiFi"

But where can I buy it. I live in Malaga, Spain