NEWS: LG sees Scarlet with new LCD TVs

Thu, 1 May 2008, 12:39pm

Lg60 02

The 'Scarlet' range? Has LG been playing 24hr Cluedo marathons again? Can we expect to see the 'Mustard' and 'Plum' ranges any time soon? Who knows? What we do know from these pictures is that this new range of LCD TVs looks damn fine.

You'll be able to take your pick from 32in (from £699), 37in (from £1000), 42in (from £1100) and 47in (£1200) models. The 32LG6000 set is HD-Ready (1366x768 resolution), but all the others in the 6000 Series are Full HD (1920x1080/24fps).

The flagship model in the Scarlet range will be a 42in, the 42LG6100 (£TBC), but it'll only make an appearance in August. It's only 1.7in thick and will feature the same red-coloured back panel and LED-surrounded aperture (the small hole at the bottom of the set) as the rest of the range.

Connectivity for these 100Hz sets includes four HDMI (v1.3a) inputs, plus component video and RGB Scart. There's also a USB 2.0 socket.

Look closely and you'll struggle to see any speakers. That's because they're invisible. Sort of. They're positioned around the edge of the bezel. They've been fine-tuned by audio supreme Mr Mark Levinson so fingers crossed they're up to scratch.

Lg60 04

To help with picture quality, the 'Scarlet' range has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. The built-in Intelligent Sensor analyses ambient light levels and alters the screen's brightness accordingly.

There are also different picture modes to choose between, depending on whether you're watching sports, movies or playing games.

Then there's an Expert picture setting, certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). This allows you to go picture crazy and get involved in some serious fine-tuning. Needless to say we'll getting our hands on a review sample ASAP, so stay tuned...

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The rear casing of this set looks gorgeous in red, and that power button is a touch of pure class.

Shame the front of the set doesn't look so appealing, especially as this is the part of the TV you spend most of the time looking at.

I agree. Why go to all that length to annodize the rear casing when its a) wall mounted or b) face a wall anyways. That said the rear looks good for those who have the tv in the middle of an open plan house.

this tv have some good feature with great picture quality. the hole look rediculous.

It looks good, and its got the Mark Levinson sound that must be very nice. Now the question is: Is it better than the New Samsung series6 that is also red?

the advert... scarlet. the hit new tv series ^_^