All the new Onkyos, all the pictures

Mon, 17 Aug 2009, 4:20pm

As promised in our news story, here's a closer look at all the new Onkyo products launched today.

This is the new flagship AV receiver, the £2400 TX-NR5007...

... and here's the same model with its front flap open showing the minor controls.

Meanwhile for the input-spotters, here's a fat juicy close-up of the rear panel of the '5007

Fitting in below the '5007 are the £1700 TX-NR3007

and the £1300 TX-NR1007

This, meanwhile, is Onkyo's £2000 PR-SC5507 AV processor...

...which, along with state of the art audio and video processing, has extensive connectivity, even extending to balanced outputs for all 11 channels, as the rear-panel shot below shows

Completing the range is the £150 ND-S1 "Digital Media Transport for the iPod"

And just to prove it really does do digital out from the Apple players, here's the rear panel

Oh, and here's the last of Onkyo's new products, the CS-435UK system.


any chance you'll be reviewing the  ND-S1  and their new integrated amp with built-in dac? (go to Onk's site).

ND-S1 being tested right now, and I think we have the amp either requested or on the way.

UPDATE: I'm told by Onkyo's excellent PR person, who is considerably more Google Alert than I at this time of the morning, that we do indeed have an A-5VL amplifier on the premises.