Product of the Year
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Best stereo speaker £200-£400

Q Acoustics Concept 20

"These speakers wowed us from the moment we first heard them"

Best Buys

Best stereo speaker up to £200

Q Acoustics 2020i

"An exceptional budget speaker which is something of a star"
Guide Price 
Best standmounter £400-£800


"A brilliant achievement – the LS50s look and sound gorgeous"
Guide Price 
Best standmounter £800-£1500


"ATC has revamped the SCM11s and the results are remarkable"
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Best standmounter £1500+

PMC Twenty 22

"Hugely impressive scale and authority for their size"
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Best desktop speaker

Ruark MR1

"These desktop speakers are stylish, well featured and deliver high-quality sound"
Guide Price 
Best floorstander £400-£800

Q Acoustics 2050i

"Great value for money, with excellent refinement and great dynamic ability"
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Best floorstander £800-£1500

Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

"These Special Edition speakers are very special indeed"
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Best floorstander £1500+

PMC Twenty 23

"Brilliantly balanced and undemanding, but they sound terrific"
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