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Roth Roth Dock review

The Roth Audio Dock's wireless functionality works well, but unfortunately the sound quality suffers Tested at £100.00

Our Verdict

There’s no arguing with the basic functionality, but sound quality suffers


  • Simple connection and easy to use
  • wireless music
  • good compatibility
  • remote control


  • Sound lacks dynamics and top-end control

Our experiences with wireless iPod docks have left us seriously underwhelmed to date.

Roth Audio is the latest manufacturer to step up to the plate.

We're not knocked off our feet by the quality of the build or design. The main unit, compatible with iPods, iPhones and other players via minijack, feels flimsy, majoring on plastic and air.

Connect the dock to a power source and it will talk wirelessly to its dongle partner. The dongle also requires power and then slots in to a standard stereo input on your amplifier.

The connection is easy and effective, with the two components taking no time to sniff each other out.

There's a trade-off in sound quality
The supplied remote control allows you to skip tracks and navigate your iPod's menus, while the system will also politely turn down your tunes should your iPhone receive a call.

Sadly, there's a trade-off in sound quality. Listening to a lossless version of Brake's Do You Feel The Same? the dynamics are squeezed, making for a far less engaging listen than it should be.

There's also some loss of poise in the top-end that causes treble frequencies to sound splashy. With lossless audio, this is disappointing.

If you really want the wireless aspect this dock delivers, then don't let us stand in your way; but you should be prepared to sacrifice a little bit of sound quality.