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One For All Xsight Colour review

Using Logitech's Xsight Colour remote control is a cumbersome process, and as a result its rating suffers Tested at £95.00

Our Verdict

Despite the new software, we found this One For All to be too cumbersome for our liking


  • New software
  • profile creation
  • language bugs sorted out


  • Cumbersome and fiddly to use
  • lacks intelligence

One For All's new range is dubbed XSight, but it got off to a rocky start with our two-star review of the range-topping Touch last month.

Thankfully, the peculiar language bugs we encountered previously are absent when we setup the Colour, but it's still a very cumbersome process, whether you use the PC software or on-remote guide, requiring lots of trial-and-error, and lacking the intelligence of the Logitechs when it comes to creating activities and working out what inputs your equipment has.

The lack of a touchscreen and cradle isn't terminal, but doesn't help, and the extra customisation and profile creation added with the new software, though neat, isn't a deal-maker.