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Sennheiser launches new measures to tackle product piracy

Sennheiser store

Sennheiser is intensifying its efforts to protect consumers and its brand from the problem of product piracy.

The company is launching a new system that will enable customers and retailers to check the authenticity of a product using a smartphone or computer.

In future, Sennheiser packaging and products will be protected with special labels, called PrioSpots.

These labels contain a QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone or computer in order to confirm the product’s authenticity.

The global market for counterfeit electronic products is estimated to be worth 74 billion euros per year.

Not only do companies such as Sennheiser lose out on sale but customers are left with sub-standard goods, in this case, in the form of build and sound quality.

The system has been used across Europe already but is now set to be deployed worldwide.

Last October, Sennheiser filed a series of lawsuits against more than 100 pirates it claimed to have identified operating in the US.

This was followed by Amazon limiting the sale of Sennheiser and Monster headphones in the UK by third-party sellers.

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