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Sennheiser HD 560S headphones promise high-quality sound at a low price

Sennheiser HD 560S affordable audiophile-grade headphones now available
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Audiophile-quality products usually come with price tags to match. But the Sennheiser HD 560S headphones promise stellar sound quality at a more affordable price.

They're "crafted for the analytical audio enthusiast", and promise a natural and accurate reference sound.

Inside is an all-new transducer with a high-strength magnet that aims to reproduce deep bass notes and treble, while a new polymer-blend transducer membrane promises superb control. 

Angled transducers claim to recreate the optimal listening position, while the open-back ear cups should allow for a more expansive, spacious soundstage (though it may make them less ideal for on the train).

Sonically, they're closest to Sennheiser's HD 660S, but, says Sennheiser, with the comfort mechanics of the HD 599. And the velour ear pads promise to be comfy enough for all-day wearing. 

They come with a 3m cable, while the 6.3mm plug will hook you up to hi-fi sources like headphone amps and audio interfaces, and the 3.5mm adaptor connects to audio players and headphone jack-enabled phones (remember those?).

The £169 ($199, AU$320) price isn't cheap but is certainly cheaper than some Sennheiser headphones on the market. We're looking at you, Orpheus


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  • anort3
    Early reviews of these are quite promising.
  • Bogester
    anort3 said:
    Early reviews of these are quite promising.
    Please review these soon, WhatHi-Fi?!
  • Gray
    Bogester said:
    Please review these soon, WhatHi-Fi?!
    You might like to know that there's due to be a review in Hi-fi Choice magazine.
    (Issue 470, January 2021).
    No doubt there'll be one here before long too.

    I'm expecting to read 'won't flatter poor recordings', or words to that effect .
    (And nothing less than 5-star value verdicts).