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Roth Neo 6.2 SoundCore is a feature-packed £350 soundbase

Roth Audio soundbase

Roth Audio soundbase

Roth Audio has launched the Neo 6.2 SoundCore soundbase, a feature-packed 'audio hub' that's on sale now for £350.

Joining Roth's existing range of soundbars, the Neo 6.2 SoundCore is designed to sit beneath your TV (from 32in to 60in), though it can also function perfectly happily on its own stand.

Four HDMI inputs and one output allow you to connect a variety of AV sources, while there are also coaxial, optical, RCA and 3.5mm connections.

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The Roth soundbase also supports aptX Bluetooth for wireless streaming from any Bluetooth device (and superior sound from any aptX-compatible product).

Connection is made even simpler by the addition of NFC (near-field communication), though again you will need a compatible smartphone or tablet.

The '6.2' element of the name refers to the speaker array, with six 5cm high/mid drivers and a pair of 8cm bass drivers.

A smattering of preset sound modes and the inclusion of Sonic Emotion's 3D digital sound processing give you some audio options, too.

The Roth Neo 6.2 SoundCore comes in a silver aluminium finish and is on sale now for £350.

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by Joe Cox

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