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Leaked PS5 price and pre-order date came and went – expected any day now?

PS5 price and pre-order confirmed – thanks to GAME
(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Fed up with waiting for a PS5 price and pre-order date? Us too. Earlier this week UK retailer GAME hinted in a now-deleted tweet that Sony would announce the PS5 price and pre-order date yesterday, Wednesday 9th September. 

On Tuesday, @GAMEGuildford tweeted: "Those awaiting preorders and have Ryi. Please standby for updates. PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week."

Alas, Wednesday came and went without a Sony announcement. It would have been a fitting date to make such a special reveal, as it marked 25 years since the original PlayStation went on sale in the US.

The rumour also tied in with a PS5 pre-order rumour this week that we could be just days from Sony revealing the PS5 price. A leak on message board 4Chan (via Reddit), also pointed to a major PS5 event being scheduled for the 9th September, the same date that GAME Guildford highlighted in its tweet.

Our fingers remain crossed that Sony will reveal the PS5 price and pre-order start date before the week is out.

PS5 price and pre-order confirmed – thanks to GAME Guilford

(Image credit: Marvel Games)

Sony has already released the first PS5 TV ad, promoting the next-gen console's 3D Audio capability and DualSense controllers with haptic feedback. And, according to the 4Chan post, we'll soon see gameplay footage of 10 games already announced, plus the reveal of the Call of Duty: Cold War multiplayer mode, trailers for Horizon Forbidden West and a major new horror game that will be exclusive to PS5.

Eager to order a PS5? Sounds like it could be time to polish up your credit card ahead of the official PS5 on-sale date, rumoured to be the 13th November. That's if you haven't already settled on an Xbox Series X. Xbox has just confirmed that its PS5 rival will cost $499 and go on sale on the 10th November.


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