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NEWS: Sony responds to Toshiba's HD DVD withdrawal

Sony has responded to Toshiba's earlier announcement regarding its withdrawal from HD DVD, and the basic message from the company's UK HQ is clear – the consumer has spoken.

A company spokesperson told that "Overwhelming support from all the relevant industries, including Hollywood studios, consumer electronics and IT companies, retailers and video rental stores is clear proof that consumers have chosen Blu-ray as the next generation optical disc format."

They continued "We believe that a single format will benefit both consumers and the industry, and will accelerate the expansion of the market.

"Blu-ray has been and will continue to be a core part of Sony's 'HD World' strategy. We will continue to promote the benefits of HD throughout the value chain including Blu-ray products, BRAVIA LCD TVs, PlayStation 3, VAIO PCs, camcorders, entertainment content, and broadcast and professional products."

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