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NEWS: Eton's latest iPod dock addition

Christmas is traditionally the time for DAB radios, with new examples released and flying off the shelves in record numbers.

While we expect this to continue, we suspect the ubiquitous iPod dock will join the digital radio in selling like hot mince pies come December. In light of this, US company Eton has announced its latest dock, the Sound 50.

We think it's fair to say that this is a fairly standard docking station in terms of features and functionality. There are the usual array of dock connectors for all iPods, while the dock itself sits between two full range drivers and a pair of micro tweeters, which will provide your sound.

Capable of pumping out 7 watts per channel, the system charges your iPod as it plays and boasts a fully functional remote control, too. It's mains-only power, but then when we're knee-deep in snow come December you won't be nipping out to the garden, will you?

Available in 'astro black' or 'glossy white', and looking fairly easy on the eye, the Eton Sound 50 is out now for £99.95. We'll call that £100.