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NEWS: Accept no imitations: original Marvel classics set for DVD release

Whether you'll be getting the chance to watch them for the first time or, perhaps more likely, you'll be reliving Saturday mornings spent in front of the TV as a nipper, we have great news: the original Marvel animated classics have been licensed for distribution on DVD.

Yes, we're talking Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and even Spider Woman. Liberation Entertainment now has the exclusive DVD rights for all these series thanks to a new deal struck with Jetix Europe.

Let's hope the DVD releases are as good as they sound – after all, with great power comes great responsibility...

Liberation had already acquired the DVD rights outside the US for Marvel's new animated Wolverine and X-Men TV series, but now it's the crown jewels that have been bought and are all set for launch.

Concrete details of dates and titles remain sketchy but Liberation promises the launch of a full release schedule for the catalogue in the near future. We, for one, can't wait... and it's a good excuse to argue over your favourite yet again (Spider-Man, obviously).

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