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Linn updates Akudorik and Akubarik speakers with latest DAC technology

The DAC technology comprises multiple isolated power supplies, a high-precision master clock, careful optimisation of the data before conversion and a new low-distortion output driver stage.

The technology contributed much to the performance - and our subsequent five-star review - of the Linn Klimax DS 3. So we can vouch for the tech.

We found the Linn Akudoriks (bundled with the Akurate Exact DSM network streamer/pre-amp) a good advert for Linn's Exakt technology, which aims to reduce phase errors by intentionally delaying higher frequencies so they arrive at the same time as the lower frequencies. So we'd imagine the addition of Katalyst technology should make them even more formidable.

The upgrade doesn't come cheap, though. Existing owners wanting in on the new tech can upgrade their Akudoriks for £3,500 or their Akubariks for £4,800.

Thinking of getting involved? The Akudorik standmounts cost a cool £17,500, while a pair of the Akubarik floorstanders will set you back £27,500. When bundled with Linn’s Exact DSM network streamer/pre-amp that rises to £20,200 and £30,200 respectively. The latest technology never comes cheap...

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