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Klispch BASHes the bass with new three-strong subwoofer range

New from Klispch is a trio of subwoofers using BASH digital hybrid amplification and custom-made drive units to deliver 'high efficiency sub-bass performance for home cinema systems at competitive prices.'

Sitting at the top of the range is the £799 SW-308, which uses a 300W BASH amp and a 20cm non-resonant woven fibreglass drive unit plus twin 20cm passive radiators. Mesauring less than 28cm on each side, the SW-308 nonetheless delivers bass down to 26Hz.

The £599 SW-112 (left) uses the same amplifier but with a single 30.5cm drive unit in a slot-ported reflex cabinet measuring 48.3cm deep, 40.6cm tall and 36.8cm wide. Finished in black pica, it also delivers bass down to 26Hz.

The least expensive model is the £499 SW-110, which is essentially a scaled-down SW-112. It uses a 200W amp and 25.4cm driver to give bass down to 28Hz.

All three models consume just 1W in standby mode.

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