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IFA 2015: Astell & Kern to launch world's first Tesla tech in-ear headphones

The Tesla tech (named after the pioneer of alternating current, Nikola Tesla) uses a special driver design with a powerful ring magnet said to be 16 times smaller than previous designs, while the moving coil is "so filigree it is barely visible", according to Beyerdynamic.

The single-driver design means there is no need for crossover filters, so avoiding the phase problems that can afflict multi-driver designs.

"Tesla technology transmits the entire audible frequency spectrum with a single driver," says Beyerdynamic managing director Wolfgang Luckhardt. "From deep bass to the highest trebles, the AK Ti8e sounds like an integrated whole."

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Astell & Kern engineers worked with Beyerdynamic to optimise the headphones for use with A&K's high-resolution portable players, using the flagship AK380 as the reference player.

Included with the Ti8e is a special Kevlar-reinforced cable with a 2.5mm four-pin plug to fit the balanced output of AK's players, as well as a standard 3.5mm cable (also reinforced with Kevlar). You also get a leather case and a choice of eight ear tips.

The Astell & Kern AK Ti8e will make its debut at IFA 2015 in Berlin on 4th September.

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