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Future of local radio on DAB set to be decided today

DAB radio

A meeting is set to take place today to decide the future of local radio on digital radio.

The government will meet with representatives from the BBC and commerical radio stations in an effort to finalise plans and funding for local radio on DAB.

While the BBC has already agreed terms for national radio stations such as Radio 1 and Radio 2 on DAB, ensuring local radio stations' future on DAB has proved trickier.

The Guardian reports the meeting, set to take place today, will be attended by senior executives from the BBC, transmission mast owner Arqiva, Bauer Radio, UTV and civil servants from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The BBC and government have agreed to find two-thirds of ongoing costs to support the local radio DAB, but the final wedge of funding is yet to be agreed.

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