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CES NEWS: Intempo unveils world's first portable Internet radio

The world of Internet radio certainly went down a storm in our office last year, so it's with raised eyebrows and keen interest that we read of Intempo's latest announcement at CES in Las Vegas. Code-named 'Daisy', the newest addition to Intempo's radio family is the world's first portable Internet radio.

The radio itself has a novel curved design, complete with a gloss black fascia and smart touch sensitive controls. Thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery, Daisy delivers 20 hours of Wi-Fi radio – while should you find yourself without your Internet connection for whatever reason, you can still listen to the radio's FM tuner.

Should you decide to have Daisy at your bedside, the radio also incorporates alarm functions, should you choose to wake-up to the sounds of Roots Rock Reggae straight out of Kingston, Jamaica or Serbia's very own Top FM.

Intempo's Daisy Internet radio will be available in stores from April priced around £150 – and we hope to bring you a review very soon.

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