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CES 2015: Zettaly Avy is wireless speaker meets Android tablet

There were plenty of tablets and even more wireless speakers at this year's CES, so perhaps it was no surprise to find a device that pairs the two together.

Billed as a "smart speaker", the Zettaly Avy is a Bluetooth speaker complete with a 7in, 1024 x 600 resolution, Android 5.0 interface, which effectively gives you a full tablet experience within the speaker.

The OS operates as you'd expect so you can download apps, from Spotify to YouTube, and take advantage of the screen and the speakers. There's an internal memory (8 or 32GB) and an SD card slot.

Round the back you'll find an HDMI output for connecting to your TV, while a built-in mic means it can also double as a speaker phone. A rechargeable battery makes the Avy portable for up to seven hours.

Zettaly is billed as "a small startup founded by a Googler and a few veterans of the consumer electronics industry", and this is the company's second public pitch for investment following the successfully shipped PowerX.

The Avy speaker is set to cost $169. Head to the funding page for more information on the product.

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