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BRISTOL NEWS: Loewe Connect TV handles all your digital media, and high-def too

Gone are the days when a TV was 'just' a television. Today's screens have to handle a multitude of sources, from high-def TV and video to digital photos.

Loewe's Connect is designed for just such a purpose. It allows users to access their digital film, photo and music collection stored on a PC via the TV, either via Ethernet or a wireless connection.

As well as offering Full HD picture quality. the Connect TV can upload your MP3, film and digital photo files either via its built-in USB port or direct from your home PC network.

An optional hard-disk drive can pause, play and record live TV, and you can also add a satellite tuner and Dolby Digital surround sound modules.

The Loewe Connect TV is available in three colours – gloss black or white, or matt chrome silver – and three screen sizes: 32, 37 and 42in. Prices start at £1949 for the 37in model, which is available now.

And if you want a high-definition source to go with your Connect TV, Loewe offers the Blu-Tech Vision Blu-ray player with 24fps playback, and support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD. It's available in chrome silver or anthracite finishes.

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