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AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ aims to exterminate unwanted noise over USB

AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ aims to exterminate unwanted noise
(Image credit: AudioQuest)

AudioQuest has announced a new and improved version of its JitterBug noise filter. Like the original, the JitterBug FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) can be plugged into a laptop, desktop, smartphone or streaming device. And yes, as the name suggests, the FMJ is wrapped in metal, unlike its predecessor, which was encased in plastic.

"Whether used in series (in-line) or in parallel, JitterBug significantly reduces contamination from RF generated by a computer, car, or other device," notes AudioQuest. "JitterBug FMJ also thoroughly addresses environmental RF Noise taking advantage of this vulnerable interface.”

Not convinced about all this 'RF Noise' stuff? According to AudioQuest there's a lot of noise and interference coursing through the circuitry of your average computer, particularly its USB connections. Much of it is believed to emanate from your computer’s own power supply.

To tackle the problem, the JitterBug FMJ acts as a passive filter and stops this noise/interference from passing into your (highly sensitive) external DAC. How well does it work? We've yet to get our hands on the FMJ, but as you can tell from our glowing JitterBug review, we've certainly got big hopes for the new accessory. 

For the best results, the Californian company recommends that you buddy up the JitterBug FMJ with a second unit, which should be plugged into an unoccupied USB input with its hinged rubber door (also designed to block RF noise) firmly shut. Apparently, using a second unit in parallel "pulls in more RF noise off the USB power bus".

The FMJ is also said to work a treat when used in parallel with the company's DragonFly Black and Red USB DACs (the DragonFly Cobalt already boasts Jitterbug technology, so no need to spend extra here).

We look forward to putting this critter through its paces soon. The JitterBug FMJ is due on sale on 15th May in the States, priced at $59.95. It should hit the UK around June for £49.99 (around AU$90).


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  • bristollinnet
    see independent review from audiosciencereview of the earlier version. It's still snake oil.
  • Terry Webb
    Thank you, What HiFi, for mentioning the fact that the Cobalt DAC doesn't need a Jitterbug of any kind. I've been wondering if it would need one at the price the Cobalt can cost !