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Apple HomePod gets AirPlay 2, multi-room audio and stereo pairing

While we quickly decided Apple’s HomePod was the best-sounding smart speaker around when it launched in February, a lack of multi-room support was among its shortcomings.

From today that’s no longer the case, thanks to Apple bringing its long-awaited AirPlay 2 functionality to the HomePod via iOS 11.4 software.

The AirPlay 2 update means the HomePod can now pair and communicate with other AirPlay 2 speakers when they become available (such as select Sonos speakers) and play sound in multiple rooms throughout the home.

The update also means owners can now pair two HomePods for a stereo set-up.

Perhaps that additional functionality will help shift HomePod sales along...

The update is available in the UK, US and Australia today, and is due to arrive in Canada, France and Germany on 18th June.


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