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Apple Black Friday deal: HomePod down to $199.99 at Best Buy

Apple Black Friday deal: HomePod down to $199.99 at Best Buy
(Image credit: Future)

The Apple HomePod has just had a further discount at Best Buy, bring the price to an all-time low for this Black Friday Apple deal.

You can save $50 on the Siri-powered smart speaker in store and online, bringing the price down to an unbeatable $199.99. 

Deals on Apple products are difficult to find, so a saving like on a five-star product is certainly not to be sniffed at.

Apple HomePod smart speaker $199.99 $299.99 Best Buy
Discounts on Apple products are hard to come by, so this $50 saving on the HomePod (in white or black) is a real bargain. If you own an Apple smartphone and subscribe to Apple Music, then you'll find plenty to like.View Deal

The Apple HomePod is very much for those wedded to the Apple ecosystem, but if that's you then it represents the best-sounding smart speaker currently on the market.

Its auto-tuning feature optimises the speaker's sound based on its located and room's acoustics and backs up that audio with a weighty, authoritative and enthusiastic performance.

Even if you ignore all of its smart functions, the HomePod holds its own as a mid-range wireless speaker. We loved it at $349. Now at nearly half-price, it's an absolute steal.