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The best Samsung deals 2019: TVs, soundbars, headphones and more

Best Samsung deals

Samsung is one of the biggest players in the AV market, offering a huge range of products in a huge range of categories, including TVs, soundbars, headphones, Blu-ray players and more.

And, thanks to that wide choice, you don't have to look far for a Samsung bargain. We've rounded-up some of the best Samsung deals online, featuring 4K TVs, soundbars and wireless earbuds. 

Best Samsung TV deals

Samsung UE43RU7470 4K HDR TV £499 £429 at Currys
We've only just given this 43 inch Samsung TV a What Hi-Fi? Award and already it's dropped in price. This is a cracking set for those who want 4K, HDR and a great operating system at a more compact size.View Deal

Samsung UE49RU8000 4K HDR TV £749 £495 at Amazon
Another Award-winning TV – and one that's just had a second, chunky discount. The 49-inch RU8000 is an excellent TV with lots of detail, super-sharp edges and great colours. It's also got the best, most app-laden operating system out there. A serious bargain at this price.View Deal

Samsung UE55RU7020 4K TV 55-inch £429 at Argos
The 55-inch RU720 packs in plenty of features including 4K, HDR10 and HDR10+ support. This 2019 set also boasts Samsung's slick Smart TV platform, so Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all the major catch-up services are at your fingertips.View Deal

Samsung QE43Q60R 43 inch 4K QLED TV £699 £599 at Currys
Already the most affordable model in Samsung's QLED range, the 43-inch version of the Q60R is now cheaper than ever and looks like a great buy.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q90R 55in 2019 QLED TV for £2799 £1799 at John Lewis
Samsung's 2019 4K flagship has now dropped in price, with a whopping discount of £1000 from John Lewis (and others). It's still much more expensive than the LG C9 OLED, but for some the punchier picture, nicer operating system and brilliant One Connect feature might be worth the extra.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q85R 55in 2019 QLED TV £2299 £1499 at Richer Sounds
Samsung's second-tier 2019 QLED is undeniably a step down from the Q90R above, but the hefty price difference certainly makes this Q85R tempting.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q80R 55 inch 4K QLED TV £1399 £1299 at Currys
The Q80R is more or less the same as the Q85R, above, but without the One Connect box for all of the inputs and outputs. If you can live with that, you can save even more money.

Samsung QE65Q70R 65in 4K TV £1499 £1299 at Richer Sounds
This recent Award-winner has already shed £200 from its very reasonable launch price, making it even more of a mid-range marvel. If you like the sound of the Q90R but can't stretch your budget that far, the Q70R is an excellent compromise.View Deal

Best Samsung home cinema deals

Samsung HW-MS650 3.0 soundar £700 £349 
Despite its slender profile this powerful soundbar crams in nine speakers for power and offers tuning to enhance speech for clearer dialogue when watching a connected TV. The sub is built in, offering plenty of power without taking up room. It even supports high-res audio and Bluetooth making it a great deal with that saving.View Deal

Samsung HW-MS550 £599 £299 at Currys
If budget is tight, this Samsung soundbar offers a lot of its siblings' feature-set, but has fewer drivers and is limited to 2.1-channel support.View Deal

Samsung HW-N650 soundbar £700 £490 at Amazon
Here, Samsung's Acoustic Beam Technology aims to deliver a more cinematic experience from the space in front of your TV. The HW-N650 delivers an impressive 360 watts of power through its 5.1 drivers, and has a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth to boot.View Deal

Best Samsung bundle deals

Samsung Q950R 8K TV & Note 10+ 5G phone from £3699 £2999
Grab yourself a double-helping of Samsung's flagships with a £700 discount on this 8K TV/5G mobile combo. The Q950R is part of Samsung's superb 2019 QLED range. It will upscale to 8K resolution while you wait for native 8K material to arrive.View Deal