Best AirPlay speakers


If you want to keep your Apple Music experience entirely on brand, these are your outstanding options - AirPlay speakers are a bit of a rare beast nowadays, swamped by the sheer number of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi models on sale.

Under £200

Libratone Zipp Mini

Not all things to all folks, but if you prefer a walk on the smooth side you can't go wrong here.

Reasons to Buy
Full-bodied, smooth sound
Rhythmically entertaining
Innovative multi-room options
Reasons to Avoid
Lacking some punch
Slightly closed-in soundstage

Under £300

Audio Pro Addon C5

Unlike the Sinclair C5, the Addon C5 multi-room speaker can fill your house with sweet, sweet music. Sadly, you can't get on it and ride it.


Multi-room | Bluetooth | USB

Reasons to Buy
Detailed and expressive sound with plenty of low-end positivity
App is easy to use
Old Addon speakers can be incorporated into multi-room system
Reasons to Avoid

Under £400

Apple HomePod

Not the cleverest smart speaker we've ever interacted with, but most certainly the best-sounding at this sort of money.


Siri | Apple Music | HomeKit

Reasons to Buy
Compact, solid and stylish
Automatically gets the best out of its position and your music
Siri and Apple Music works well
Weighty, authoritative sound
Reasons to Avoid
Over-reliance on voice control
Mid-range a little muddled
Too Apple-centric

Under £700

Naim Mu-so Qb

Naim develops its Mu-so concept by reducing dimensions and price - but not connectivity or performance.

Reasons to Buy
Outstanding build
Big, bold sound
Decent detail
Strong rhythmic know-how
Reasons to Avoid
Bass a little rich at high volume
Could have a touch more insight through the midrange

Under £1000

Naim Mu-so

With its power, rhythm and dynamics, the Mu-so is a fantastic AirPlay speaker. If you've got the cash, we can't recommend it enough.


AptX Bluetooth | USB, optical inputs | AirPlay, UPnP, Spotify Connect

Reasons to Buy
Rich, powerful sound
Huge sense of scale and soaring dynamics
Finish and design
Excellent features list
Intuitive operation
Reasons to Avoid
Sounds a touch thick at high volumes


Devialet Gold Phantom

Blessed with eye-catching numbers, eye-popping visuals and ear-grabbing sound, it's obvious the gold Phantom will seduce many.


Dimensions (hwd) 26 x 25 x 34cm | Bluetooth | Wi-fi

Reasons to Buy
Clever inside, striking outside
Overwrought specification
Tremendously fulsome sound
Reasons to Avoid
Needs greater separation and space to its delivery