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Samsung LE46A756 review

A premium product, and it’s priced accordingly – this Samsung is well worth a look Tested at £1600.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A premium product, and it’s priced accordingly


  • Fine specification, including DNLA compatibility
  • excellent images


  • Can sacrifice some sharpness
  • can’t muster true black

At first glance, this handsome 46in screen looks similar to the LE-46A656 we enjoyed testing – it's housed in the same stylish ‘black rose' chassis. A glance at the extensive spec, though, reveals the ace up this screen's sleeve – its DNLA compatibility.

This is a flatscreen that will happily join in with the rest of your wireless network. Movies or music stored on a PC can be wirelessly streamed, and the Samsung can forward those contents on to another device – a mobile phone, perhaps.

Ergonomically impressive
There's more good news when you turn the set on. Ergonomically, it's all good bar the rather vague wheel on the remote control. And it's an impressive TV, displaying standard-def broadcasts with high contrasts, punchy colours and fine stability even during rapid motion.

Textures convince, and despite a lack of ultimate sharpness there's plenty of detail on display.

A switch to DVD is better still: stability, edge definition and sharpness all improve. The Samsung even has a game stab at extracting detail from dark scenes.

Naturally, the Samsung looks its best when delivering Full HD images. Batman Begins revels in rock-solid stability even during frenzied motion, exquisite detail retrieval, impressive depth of field and striking colour variation.

Sound is enjoyable too, and fights shy of the squeaky lack of substance so many LCDs serve up.

At this money, the LE-46A756 is well worth auditioning – especially if you've a wireless network crying out for a great big display.


General Information

Product NameSamsung LE46A756