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Made-to-measure playlists at the touch of a button? That’s Dynaudio Music, the system that learns your listening habits

Putting together playlists can be fun and rewarding. It can also be an almighty pain. All that scrolling, reordering and deleting, and then wondering if you really should have deleted or just reordered again. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone (or something) could do the thinking for you? Step forward, Dynaudio Music.

This intelligent music system learns your musical tastes. It then creates personalised radio stations based on what it knows you already like and what it thinks you will like, all at the touch of a button.

Taste-learning tech

Using its Music Now algorithm, Dynaudio Music crunches data from your listening history and daily habits, and takes into account any personal preferences you specify via the Dynaudio app.

“The data that drives Music Now is gathered continuously from a wide variety of sources,” says Sally Clayton of Audiogum, the British company that helped Dynaudio design the system. “This includes music catalogue metadata as well as data about music consumption covering many years of music downloads and streaming globally.

“Combining this with the data collected about the user allows the system to generate personalised playlists on demand, including music they like, and recommended music to discover or re-discover.”

Once it’s deduced whether you’re into rock, pop, jazz, rap, or all of the above, it constructs its smart playlists automatically. And you aren’t just limited to one Music Now playlist: you can create different personas for different users (to keep your family’s dubious tastes away from your awesome ones), or even for yourself – so you can separate your experimental Math Metal Discovery playlist away from your Sunday Morning Chill mood music.

Listening to these playlists could barely be easier. Each of the four Music systems in the range (more on these in a moment) has five presets. These can be assigned to anything accessible from the app – from Music Now playlists for different users, to individual songs, favourite albums and internet radio stations. Then all you have to do is press the button on the speaker and you’re listening, just like switching on a radio. Smart.

Thanks to its innovative RoomAdapt technology, Music not only picks your favourite songs – it makes sure they sound right, too. Whether the speaker’s placed in the corner or the centre of the room, it continually monitors its position via a built-in microphone and adjusts the speaker’s tonal characteristics to deliver the best performance possible. Double smart.

All the range

With its taste-learning tech and audio feng shui, Dynaudio Music can make a lot of important decisions for you. However, there’s still one you’ll have to make for yourself: which one to buy.

There are four models in the range: Music 1, Music 3, Music 5 and Music 7.

If you’re looking for a speaker that’s ready for the home, garden and outdoor adventures, look no further than Music 1. Containing a 1in soft-dome tweeter, a 4in woofer, 80W of amplification and a built-in rechargeable battery that’ll give you up to eight hours of continuous listening, it packs a lot of tech into its cloth-wrapped chassis.

Music 3 measures – and sounds – a little bigger, thanks to two 1in tweeters, a 5in woofer and 120W of amplification. It too comes with eight hours of rechargeable battery use and is still eminently portable.

With 250W and 300W of power respectively, the mains-powered Music 5 and Music 7 are designed to command your living spaces. The former contains two 1in soft-dome tweeters, two 3in midrange drivers and a single 5in woofer, plus a digital optical input. The latter is the full monty: two 1in soft-dome tweeters, two 3in midrange drivers and twin 5in woofers, plus an HDMI input with Audio Return Channel so you can use it as a soundbar for your TV.

Unassailable craftsmanship

Clever technology is meaningless without solid musical underpinnings. That’s why the Dynaudio Music systems use the MSP drivers and soft-dome tweeter technology you’ll find in the brand’s range-topping Evidence Platinum loudspeakers. And it’s why the processing tech that optimises their performance is drawn from decades of making high-end active hi-fi, studio monitoring equipment, and acclaimed in-car audio systems.

So when it comes to making your next audio purchase, ask yourself: would you rather have a hi-fi that requires you to spend more time searching for music and less time enjoying it, or a system like Dynaudio Music, which allows you to spend less time searching and more time listening?

You don’t need an intelligent music system to answer to that one for you, do you?

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