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Turns heads with its styling and HD pictures, but isn’t quite a complete all-rounder
awesome HD performance
SD pictures
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This stylish, four HDMI-toting premium Philips screen can indeed be yours for less than £500.

It's a bit of a curate's egg, though, so the 32PFL5403D isn't the best screen for this sort of money, either.

Unless that is, you're going to feed it a diet of entirely HD material. In this regard it's mighty impressive. Detail levels are excellent, edges are precise, blacks are deep, whites are punchy, and the slightly warm colour palette adds richness to scenery and vitality to skin tones.

Detailed, but noisy pictureWe reckon everyone still watches DVDs though, and here the Philips is a bit of a let-down, producing a picture that, while detailed, is also much noisier than is really acceptable. You can use the noise reduction to clean up the picture, but this has the side-affect of increasing motion smear.

Freeview also suffers from a little noise, but is otherwise decent, and the speakers produce a sound that's rather muddled at the bottom-end, but has decent clarity through the rest of the range.

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If you're only going to be watching HD programmes, this is a bargain; for standard-def, you can do better.