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Despite the build quality and ease of use, the SDV185SD falls down on price and picture quality – there are much better players around for less
Decent build
easy to set up and use
comprehensive set of peripherals
Poor picture
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The Nextbase SDV185SD is a portable DVD player with an 8.5in screen targeted at the in-car viewer.

Straight out of the box, setting it up is a simple affair: charge the battery stand and connect it to the player, and you're mobile. You'll also find it comes with all the peripherals you might need, including a good-looking pair of wireless headphones, a 12V car adapter, and a separate power supply for the unit so you watch films on mains power while you charge the battery stand.

One thing that niggles is that connecting to the battery stand means removing a small rubber guard from the bottom of the unit that could be easily lost.

A robust performerThe SDV185 feels sturdy and well thought out on the whole. In addition to the remote control, there are basic controls on the set for when you've dropped the remote in the car somewhere. The wireless headphones sound decent, working fine inside a car.

Viewing is an issue here, though: from a metre or so away, images on the SDV185SD are unappealing. Diagonal edges are jagged, movement is pixelated and the screen struggles with distinguishing between dark tones. Shots such as the night scenes in Four Brothers have little clarity: dark blues, blacks and browns all into one merge, and there's little detail in the backgrounds.

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Small LCDs have moved on in the past couple of years, and you should expect more for your money. This will do the job, but not very well.