Here's a competition we wouldn't mind winning courtesy of Bang & Olufsen and Mercedes-Benz

In-car audio is serious business nowadays, not least when you're dealing with premium motors, such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Bang & Olufsen is in cahoots with Mercedes-Benz and has supplied the latest SLS AMG with a customised BeoSound AMG sound system – and you can win your own test drive.

Based on the Bang & Olufsen philosophy, the BeoSound AMG delivers a whopping 1000 watts through 11 speaker channels with the aim of delivering true, high-end audio.

You can decide for yourself with the latest competition from B&O. You'l be accompanied by a professional as you drive the car and visit two Mercedes factories in Germany.

The prize package includes a two-night luxury stay at the ARCOTEL Camino in Stuttgart, including use of the hotel's facilities, and dinner for two in the Weissenhof restaurant.

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To find out more about the car, the sound system and the competition, head over to the Bang & Olufsen website.

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