You can already save nearly £900 on Samsung's latest flagship Mini LED TV with this jaw-dropping deal

Samsung QN95D Neo-QLED TV
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We've only just reviewed the latest flagship Mini LED TV from Samsung, but that hasn't stopped the price from being slashed severely. The QN95D is currently subject to a jaw-dropping combined savings of £890, making it a tempting choice if you're looking for a new set to binge the latest series or cheer along to the Euros. 

We reviewed the 65-inch QN95D (or QE65QN95D to give it its full title) at £3299 just two and a half weeks ago, however, Richer Sounds have snipped £400 from that initial price tag, bringing it down to £2899. There is also a further 10 per cent discount if you use the code SAMS10, dropping the price even further to £2609. Finally, Richer Sounds highlights Samsung's cashback scheme, which means you can claim a further £200 off the price as long as you claim within 45 days on Samsung's cashback website

All-in-all you'll end up paying just £2409 for the 65-inch QN95D through this deal – which is an absolute steal if you ask us. 

Samsung QE65QN95D £3299£2409 at Richer Sounds (save £890)

Samsung QE65QN95D £3299 £2409 at Richer Sounds (save £890)
The Samsung QN95D is a "jack of all trades" TV thanks to its impressive picture performance, flawless gaming specification and comprehensive Tizen operating system. While it doesn't stand out where picture subtleties are concerned, it's still a mighty impressive set. 

The main criticism that we had with the QE65QN95D is that, compared to other Mini LED TVs on the market, it's rather expensive. Competition from TCL and Hisense is rife in this market, so a TV needs to truly stand out if it wants to compete with the Chinese titans. We found the QN95D's price to be a tough pill to swallow when we reviewed it, but this deal allows us to focus on the many positive aspects of this TV.

We praised the QN95D's crisp, bright and punchy image in our review, highlighting how the enhanced brightness dug out some extra detail that the comparative QD-OLED model in Samsung's roster seems to miss. Watching some of our tried and tested reference discs on this TV provided a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience – albeit with a few distracting visual oddities in black-and-white scenes and some noticeable halo effects in dark shots.  

Hardcore gamers should also get a kick from the frankly flawless gaming spec on this TV. Samsung has included its usual suite of four full-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 sockets, which support 4K/120Hz with VRR and ALLM, with one dedicated to HDMI eARC for connecting a soundbar or AVR. This means that you can connect both the current generation consoles and an audio system to this TV without sacrificing precious gaming performance. 

Speaking of audio, this is one area where the Samsung could certainly improve. The sound performance on the QN95D isn't what we'd consider being poor, however, it's middling at best, meaning we'd recommend using some of the money you've saved with this spectacular deal on a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

With nearly £900 worth of savings applied, this TV becomes much easier to recommend, especially for those who value a comprehensive feature set. Bear in mind that the final £200 of this deal will not be an instant saving; however, we're certainly of the opinion that the cashback deal is worth waiting for. 


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